Help the whole team understand your customers better

Record conversations and share key customer insights in their own words. Positive feedback, pain points and feature requests – all shared across your organisation in a variety of accessible formats.

Make decisions based on what your customers are actually saying

Surveys can be misleading, it is far more useful to listen to your customers’ experiences, emotions and feedback in their own words. Jamworks empowers your team to record and document every customer conversation and highlight “aha” moments at the touch of a button. Start building features, fixing bugs and finding new revenue streams that align with your customers’ needs.

  • Record & document customer conversations
  • Highlight key customer insights to share across your team
  • Build products & services that your customers will love
A simple way for your team to highlight “aha” moments without getting distracted during a call.
Amplify your customers’ voices across your whole organisation

Jamworks connects your customers to every member of your team. No more silos, no more working on hunches. Build a customer-centric culture and start working across departments to build products and services that deliver true value and profitability.

  • Share real customer insights in seconds
  • Help your entire team team empathise with your customers’ needs
  • Boost morale with positive customer feedback
Save your team 100s of hours per month trying to remember & write up customer feedback, let them capture & share key insights at the touch of a button.
Turn customer conversations into accessible insights

Everybody interprets information slightly differently, that’s the beauty of the world we live in. When you start capturing and sharing customer conversations with Jamworks you enable your team to access and interpret this information in formats that are most suitable to them. Whether it is a subtitled video clip, a short audio snippet or a text transcript – Jamworks makes it easier and more accessible than ever before to share customer insights that your whole team can benefit from.

  • Generate accessible insights at the touch of a button
  • Share subtitled video, audio snippets & text transcripts
  • Reap the rewards of a more diverse & inclusive workplace

Useful for all, essential for some

Celia Owens

“Being dyslexic makes it difficult to write notes during meetings. Jamworks alleviates my stress around this on a daily basis. Thank you Jamworks!”

Neil Batchelor, Guardian Labs

“It allows me to fully focus in my meetings, and free’s up time that I’d usually spend writing my follow-up notes”

Etta Castillo

“Jamworks works miracles for me and my ADHD brain. After every call I check the action items tab to double check I didn’t zone out and miss anything.”

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