Attend less meetings, get more done

Reclaim your calendar with asynchronous meetings. Unlock productivity by sharing meeting recordings and allowing your team to respond with video, audio or text at a suitable time.

Save time with async meetings

It doesn’t always make sense for everybody to attend every meeting. Jamworks automatically records and summarises calls so that passive attendees can catch up quickly afterwards, rather than interrupt their schedules listening to the whole thing live. Team members can use Jamworks to record their own audio or video messages with screen grabs to join the conversation asynchronously.

  • Record meetings for the whole team to see
  • Summarise key points & action plans with AI
  • Async meetings allow team members to collaborate in their own time
Help remove unnecessary distractions that can cause stress, anxiety & reduce productivity.
Foster a flexible working culture that works for your team

The world of work is always evolving and it pays to stay ahead of the curve. Increase employee satisfaction and help your team find more hours in the day by enabling them to review meetings quickly and efficiently, in their own time. Stop clogging up schedules, start empowering productivity. Shareable multimedia meeting highlights, AI meeting summaries and automatically generated action plans will help your team get up to speed in a flash.

  • Give your team more autonomy over their time
  • Share key meeting moments in a variety of accessible formats
  • Take advantage of automated meeting highlights, summaries & action plans to drive things forward
Increase mood, morale and team satisfaction by cutting down on mandatory meetings.
Unlock productivity with automated meeting insights

You’ll be amazed what happens when your team has the time and headspace to focus on their work. Minimise the disruption of mandatory meetings by using Jamworks to identify, summarise and share all the key points from a discussion. Want to control what gets shared? No problem, simply choose from a selection of AI moments or make your own timestamped highlights at the touch of a button. Jamworks’ async meetings deliver all the information that your team needs to carry on producing the brilliant work that you do.

  • Share automated or selected meeting highlights
  • Reduce unnecessary context switching
  • Reduce time spent in meetings & boost productivity

Useful for all, essential for some

Celia Owens

“Being dyslexic makes it difficult to write notes during meetings. Jamworks alleviates my stress around this on a daily basis. Thank you Jamworks!”

Neil Batchelor, Guardian Labs

“It allows me to fully focus in my meetings, and free’s up time that I’d usually spend writing my follow-up notes”

Etta Castillo

“Jamworks works miracles for me and my ADHD brain. After every call I check the action items tab to double check I didn’t zone out and miss anything.”

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