Access to Work ADHD support – AI meeting note taker & summariser

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition which affects the behaviour of over 1.5 million people in the UK. ADHD is classed as a disability in the UK – which means that if you have ADHD and are currently employed (or about to start employment) you are eligible  to apply for the Access to Work scheme. There are many resources and significant funding which can be offered to support employees with ADHD in the workplace through the Access to Work grant, with the most beneficial being Jamworks for Business.


employee using laptop to take notes in workplaceJamworks for Business – supporting employees with ADHD in the workplace

Imagine if every piece of information from every meeting that you attended was recorded, saved and summarised to help you quickly recap when needed.

Jamworks is assistive technology software which automatically records, transcribes and summarises meetings, harnessing the power of the latest trained GPT AI models. 

Jamworks is available as Access to Work ADHD support to help you focus during meetings rather than worry about noting everything down. It can also help reduce stress when the inevitable happens and you find yourself zoning out – because everything that was said will be saved as audio and text notes for you to look back over after the conversation is over.  . 

Jamworks connects with your calendar to automatically record video calls – yes even if you don’t attend! – across Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom.



The 1-button note taking Highlights feature enables employees with ADHD to capture the specifics of both online and face-to-face meetings, events and conversations in a format which is easily accessible for them to work with. Additionally, as a form of Access to Work ADHD support, Jamworks for Business offers an Automatic Highlights feature, capturing the most important moments for an easy break-down upon review. This is particularly helpful for employees with ADHD because a predominant symptom of the condition is inattentiveness, making information processing and retention more difficult than for neurotypical employees.



Another feature as a form of Access to Work ADHD support which ties into supporting inattentiveness is the Trackback button, enabling users to jump back in 15 second increments through the session to capture what’s already been discussed. Jamworks for Business is supporting employees with ADHD by eliminating stress as a result of zoning out due to the multiple features that retain what needs to be remembered and noted.


Live Captioning

Employees with ADHD can often struggle with determining a focus point during interaction, which can distract from the information being relayed to them. Live captioning is a tool which can support employees with ADHD through the Access to Work scheme as focus can be directed towards captions to absorb more content and be present in the conversation.

Following a session using Jamworks for Business, employees with ADHD will benefit from a number of automatic action items which can make information easier to absorb and understand, such as an AI generated transcription service, automated summaries of highlight clips and generated key points.



A word-for-word transcript of an entire meeting can be searched within to identify relevant information that may otherwise be missed. The AI generated transcripts constructed through Jamworks for Business are a particularly beneficial form of Access to Work ADHD support for employees as they provide the accessibility for those who consume information more clearly through text to maximise their focus and improve productivity levels.


Automated Summaries & Key Points

Automated summaries work as an effective way for employees with ADHD to refresh their memory on the meeting notes at a time that is convenient, in a way that is practical and functional for their individual working style. Key points are generated from each session to help employees with ADHD recall topics and subjects previously discussed in further detail.


Additional support

Jamworks for Business can support employees with ADHD continuously throughout their career under the Access to Work scheme through the features and tools available in the assistive technology software, but also through their aftercare support. Jamworks aim to help reduce stress levels for employees with ADHD, helping them to feel less overwhelmed and stay organised in their workplace. Ditching pens, paper, folders and files for online note-taking and summarising technology such as Jamworks for Business can help employees with ADHD to be more on top of their workload as information is all stored in one place with a user-friendly interface, reducing clutter and encouraging a clearer mindset.


How Jamworks is available through the Access to Work scheme

Jamworks for Business is available to employees with ADHD through the Access to Work scheme. Employees can apply for the scheme online, via telephone or by post and the application process will require them to outline the specifics of their ADHD and how it affects their ability to work efficiently in their current employment. Employees with ADHD can propose Jamworks as a form of Access to Work ADHD support which they believe will benefit their working ability and help them to achieve a level playing field in the workplace. Employees can expect to receive up to £62,900 worth of support per year for their ADHD diagnosis in total.

It is recommended that employees speak with their employer about their ADHD diagnosis and inform them that they have applied for the Access to Work scheme to support their disability in the workplace. A transparent relationship and clear communication with an employer regarding an employee’s conditions and individual needs ensures that they are accessing the best support possible. The employer is typically required to initially fund the offers provided to their employee by the Access to Work scheme, with the government reimbursing them at a later date. If an employer believes that neurotypical employees could benefit from a Jamworks account in the workplace, they can book a demo of Jamworks for Business here.

The Access to Work scheme aims to encourage and empower people with disabilities and limiting conditions to adapt to their workplace and continue working in their chosen role by providing eligible employees with the support they need to perform at the same level as non-disabled and neurotypical employees. Employees with ADHD can apply for the Access to Work scheme today to access support such as Jamworks for Business.

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