Build an inclusive workplace

Harness the power of AI to make meetings more accessible. Jamworks is assistive tech enabling disabled and neurodivergent team members to focus and participate in meetings without worrying about what they might miss.

Make it easy to take meeting notes

Some people find it difficult to listen and write or type notes at the same time. These members of your team are often faced with a difficult dilemma: participate fully in the conversation without taking notes or step back from the discussion to note down key points. Not anymore! Jamworks empowers your team to take accessible notes at the touch of a button. This means they can remain focused and engaged during meetings, safe in the knowledge they can simply select a button to generate shareable multimedia notes. That’s subtitled video clips, audio snippets, text transcripts and AI text summaries.

  • Take accessible meeting notes at the touch of a button
  • Generate shareable video, audio & text notes
  • Reduce stress & host richer discussions
Help remove unnecessary distractions that can cause stress, anxiety & reduce productivity.
Provide live captions so everyone can participate

More and more people are choosing to consume media with subtitles turned on to aid comprehension. Jamworks’ live captions enable your team to follow the spoken word as text on screen during online meetings and in-person conversations. This fast and accurate live transcription feature is useful for everyone but essential for Deaf or hard of hearing people who would otherwise be shut out from the conversation. Build an inclusive workplace that empowers participation and engagement for all.

  • Get live captions online & in-person
  • Enable participation with fast & accurate real-time transcription
  • Works on phone or laptop
Support Deaf and hard of hearing members of your team to participate in meetings.
Automatically summarise meeting insights & action plans

Everybody experiences lapses in concentration from time to time, but for people with ADHD zoning out can be a frequent and stressful experience that can lead them to leave meetings confused about what was said and what the next steps are. Jamworks uses the most powerfully trained AI models to identify the key points discussed in each meeting and send a summary to each participant. It even generates a list of action items to ensure everybody is on the same page and equipped with a clear idea of what to do next.

  • Get automatic meeting summaries & action items
  • Harness the powerful AI to improve accessibility
  • Ensure everybody knows the next steps

Reduce stress and boost productivity for meeting participants, especially those who frequently zone out due to ADHD.

Useful for all, essential for some

Celia Owens

“Being dyslexic makes it difficult to write notes during meetings. Jamworks alleviates my stress around this on a daily basis. Thank you Jamworks!”

Neil Batchelor, Guardian Labs

“It allows me to fully focus in my meetings, and free’s up time that I’d usually spend writing my follow-up notes”

Etta Castillo

“Jamworks works miracles for me and my ADHD brain. After every call I check the action items tab to double check I didn’t zone out and miss anything.”

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