AI meeting assistant to summarise meetings & save time

Harness the power of Jamworks' AI meeting assistant to identify key topics in meetings and generate bulleted lists of action items to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

An AI meeting assistant to document knowledge

Refresh your memory or share recordings with other members of the team.
Highlight “aha” moments at the touch of a button

Turn key moments into shareable insights that improve productivity and save time. Either create your own highlights or let our AI meeting assistant identify key moments.

Transcribe conversations to boost accessibility
Generate word for word transcripts to make it easier and more accessible for your team to review what was said.

Turn meetings into action plans, automatically

Automatically generate a brief summary of all the key points discussed in each meeting. AI meeting summaries help the team stay on track and focus on important action items.

Share conversation highlights in a variety of accessible formats

Share subtitled video clips, audio snippets, word for word transcripts or a brief summary of all the key points. All in a range of formats such as subtitled, video, audio, summary text or bullet points.

Useful for all, essential for some

Celia Owens

“Being dyslexic makes it difficult to write notes during meetings. Jamworks alleviates my stress around this on a daily basis. Thank you Jamworks!”

Neil Batchelor, Guardian Labs

“It allows me to fully focus in my meetings, and free’s up time that I’d usually spend writing my follow-up notes”

Etta Castillo

“Jamworks works miracles for me and my ADHD brain. After every call I check the action items tab to double check I didn’t zone out and miss anything.”

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