AI meeting notes make workplaces more inclusive & productive

Jamworks' AI meeting notes empower your team to summarise and share important information from meetings in a variety of accessible formats.

Useful for all, essential for some

Celia Owens

“Being dyslexic makes it difficult to write notes during meetings. Jamworks alleviates my stress around this on a daily basis. Thank you Jamworks!”

Neil Batchelor, Guardian Labs

“It allows me to fully focus in my meetings, and free’s up time that I’d usually spend writing my follow-up notes”

Etta Castillo

“Jamworks works miracles for me and my ADHD brain. After every call I check the action items tab to double check I didn’t zone out and miss anything.”

Our Access to Work partners

Record meetings


  • Record all online meetings automatically with the Jamworks meeting bot.
  • Sync your Google Meet, MS Teams & Zoom calendars to capture calls even if you don’t attend.
  • Capture screen & Audio content for richer recordings online & in-person.
Reduces stress & anxiety for people who often zone out or get distracted during meetings.
Highlight meetings
  • Highlight important moments from meetings at the touch of a button.
  • Take multimedia AI meeting notes in a variety of accessible formats, such as subtitled video clips, audio snippets, transcribed notes or AI summaries.
  • Review the key parts of a 1-hour meeting in under 5 minutes.
Enables your team to focus, participate and highlight key info in meetings without worrying about what they might miss.

Transcribe meetings

  • Turn spoken word into text in real time, in any setting with live captioning on desktop & mobile.
  • Generate word for word transcripts of entire meetings.
  • Search transcripts to quickly pinpoint important information from past meetings.
Increases productivity & improves accessibility for people who prefer or require text to take in information.
Summarise meetings
  • Harness the power of AI to identify key topics & summarise what was said into a series of AI meeting notes.
  • Automatically generate bulleted lists of action items from each meeting.
  • Save time reviewing meetings & make sure the main points are followed up.
Provides structure & clear next steps for people who may otherwise leave meetings feeling confused or overloaded with information.

Share meetings

  • Share meetings in a variety of accessible formats.
  • Choose whether to share full meeting recordings, selected audio snippets, action plans or brief summaries of the key points.
  • Ensure everyone works towards the same goals.
Increases productivity & improves accessibility for people who prefer or require text to take in information.
Start making meetings more accessible today.